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Africa. Peoples Dataset Mapping
Fulani Peoples

Source: G. Murdock. Africa. Its Peoples and Their Culture History
New York. McGraw-Hill. 1959. 456 p.
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Scattered throughout the western Sudan from Senegal in the west to Cameroon and French Equatorial Africa in the east live a curious people known as the Fulani, but also variously called Fellani, Fellata, Takruri, Filani, Foulah, Ful, Peul, Fulbe, and Pullo. For the most part they reside in the midst of other peoples. Particularly large groups live as ethnic minorities among such populous nations as the Bambara, Gurma, Hausa, Malinke, Mossi, oninke, and Zerma, and others are di spersed among many smaller Voltaic and Plateau Nigerian tribes. Only in a few discontinuous districts do they constitute the dominant element in the population. These are shown in Map 16 and include, from west to east, the Senegal Valley , Fouta-Toro, Fouta-Djalon, Kita, Masina, Liptako, Sokoto, Bauchi, and Adamawa.
Because of their dispersion and their interpenetration of other peoples they cannot be said to constitute an independent culture province despite their unquestioned distinctiveness.
The latest detailed estimate of their population, by Lavergne de Tressan (1953), assigns the Fulani a total of more than 5 million people, distributed by political divisions as follows. (page 413)

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