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Pastoralists under Pressure?
Fulɓe Societies Confronting Change in West Africa

edited by Victor Azarya, et al.
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 1999. xv, 454 p. : ill. (some col.), maps
Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia Series

Pastoralists under Pressure?

Figures, maps and tables

Chapter One

Victor Azarya. Introduction: pastoralists under pressure?

Part I. Ethnicity

Chapter Two
Roger Blench. Why are there so many pastoral groups in eastern Africa

Chapter Three
Al-Amin Abu-Manga. Socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-linguistic diversity among the Fulɓe of the Sudan Republic

Chapter Four
Anneke Breed Veld. Prototypes and ethnic categorization on the terms Pullo and Fulɓe in Maasina (Mali)

Chapter Five
Catherine Vereecke. Ethnic change and continuity among the Fulɓe of Aadamaawa Nigeria: the view from the household

Chapter Six
Thierno Diallo. Les stratifications des structures politico-sociales de la société traditionelle au Fuuta-Jaloo : évolution et transformation

Part II. Ecology And Politics

Chapter Seven
Thomas J. Bassett And Zueli Koli Bi. Fulɓe livestock raising and environmental change in Northern Cote d'Ivoire

Chapter Eight
Jean Boutrais. Nouvelles techniques d'élevage en savanes, nouvelles inégalités (Aadamaawa, Cameroon)

Chapter Nine
Antje Van Oriel. The end of the herding contract ; decreasing complementary linkages between Fulɓe pastoralists and Dendi agriculturalists in northern Benin

Chapter Ten
Youssouf Diallo. Dimensions sociales et politiques de l'expansion pastorale en zone semi-humide ivoirienne

Chapter Eleven
Han Van Dijk. Ecological insecurity and Fulɓe pastoral society in the Niger Bend

Part III. Social Transformation

Chapter Twelve
Philip Burnham. Pastoralism under pressure? — Understanding social change in Fulɓe society

Chapter Thirteen
Mirjam de Bruijn. The pastoral poor : hazard, crisis and insecurity in Fulɓe society in Central Mali

Chapter Fourteen
Thierno Mouctar Bah. Mutations et crise d'identité au Fuuta-Jaloo : la fin du pastoralisme ?

Chapter Fifteen
Jean Schmitz. L'expulsion des Fulɓe de la rive mauritanienne du Fleuve Sénégal en 1989 : repetition dans l'histoire ou catastrophe

Chapter Sixteen
John Hanson. Fulɓe communities in Kaarta (northwestern Mali) three hundred years of survival and transformation

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